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Call it what you will, Electronic business card, Digital Business card, Virtual Business card, Mobile Business card… We have the latest “Totally Green” business card which will actually help you build your client / prospect data base and keep in touch with them with your promos, products, and services (special, coupons, sales, you name it!).

It’s no secret that the world is going Mobile.


  • Info can be changed at anytime for a small fee
  • Customer/client always has your card with him
  • You can now market to your potential client/customer
  • Client/customer can email, text or call you with one touch
  • Customer/client has one touch access to your website
  • You can send out group texts to your client base at no cost
  • A Mobile business card gives you a professional cutting edge image
  • Go Green
  • No monthly fees

We host your card – we take care of all software updates and customer servie inquiries.

One time fee of $199 and an annual hosting fee of $39.99.

If you have any changes, we’ll make your first 2 changes for free. After the 2nd change we have a small fee of $20.

For outgoing SMS marketing you receive the firs 1,000 out going text message with the above mentioned fee.  If you are a serious marketer, have a huge data base or are in large meetings whereby you collect users data frequently, we have tailored bulk plans for your marketing needs, ask us about that pricing.

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